Now we see by this that thoughts are thought forms, and thought forms are electrical impulses. A note on a violin string is composed of a certain number of vibrations and the difference between one note and another is a difference in vibrations.

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The difference between one color and another is a difference in the rate of vibrations. And the difference between the sensation of a substance that is hard and a substance that is soft is a difference in the rate of vibrations started at our fingertips and transmuted to our brain control board.
Therefore, at the human brain centers the nerves of our body are constantly impressing and registering impulses of various rates of vibrations, which in turn produce thought forms.

As I write this article, my eyes wander about my room, and I am receiving numerous impressions by sight, all of them being transmitted by vibrations to the brain centers, where they are translated into thought forms of pictures.

I hear my own voice speaking, and my laptop writing my words. The words which I speak are transmitted, by vibrations of an electrical nature, through space to the nerves attached to the drums of her ears, and there through the impulses received on the eardrum send forth vibrations again along the nervous system to the centers of her brain, where such vibrations register themselves and create thought forms which become sounds.

The same is true of tasting and smelling. During our waking consciousness as we move about, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling, we are probably having thousands of impressions transmitted to our brain every second, and these are rapidly translated into thought forms and realized as such by the translating process of our consciousness.

I am passing over the other phenomena of the nervous system that deal with the transmission of impulses from the brain centers to various parts of the body, as for instance, when one are writing, the brain sends out vibrations along the nerves to the hand and the fingers, which cause pulsations of muscles to retract and expand and thereby move the hand and fingers in the process of writing.

The same is true in the process of walking, breathing, eating, and doing any of the hundreds of things which result from the operation of nerve energy upon the muscles of the human body.
Going back again, however, to the thought forms produced in the human mind by the radiations of the electrical impulses there, we should understand one additional manifestation of these thought forms or impulses which general science does not take into consideration, because it is outside of its fields of experimentation and research.

The mystic contends and demonstrates, through various applications of natural law, that every time an electrical or vibratory impulse at the brain centers causes a thought form to be created, the impact upon the consciousness of that thought form and the directing to it of the higher vibrations of consciousness, cause that thought form to radiate vibrations of itself outwardly into space.