Science has shown that sound travels from a point of emanation through the air at an astounding 331 meters per second, acting upon the molecular structures within the atmosphere and altering their vibrational rates in a wavelike pattern; after which they are received by the auditory organs of an individual and are interpreted by the conscious mind. That certainly is quite an achievement!

But spoken words which are carried as sound waves to another individual possess a more awesome power. Once they are interpreted by the mind of the recipient –far faster than the speed of sound –those words are sent to the heart and to the soul. And what power those words can have!

Words can soothe a troubled mind. They can offer guidance and enlightenment; share ideas and knowledge; exhilarate and uplift.
On the other hand, words can cause confusion and discord. They can weaken self-esteem, degrade and destabilize the inner self. Words can sometimes hurt. In short, words which are consciously spoken can create either a positive or negative polarity, not only within others, but within us as well.

We know how our intoned vowel sounds set up vibratory rates which affect the psychic centers of the body. We are also aware of the manner in which the issuance of those vowel sounds activates associated glands into performing their work of creating perfect harmony within the physical being. When we practice the vowel sounds in convocation or in the privacy of our own sanctums, we are cognizant not only of how the atmosphere becomes charged with positive energy, but we also experience a sense of inner peace which pervades our physical, mental, and spiritual selves as our bodies acclimate to a rhythmic metabolism. The total self experiences sublime attunement. The self is at ease; the self is uplifted.

It is good to work with the self, to energize the self, to think of the self. But what of others? When we leave our sanctums to engage in our daily activities and carry on conversations with others, how often do the words we speak produce as soothing and uplifting an effect upon others as our vowel sounds do upon our inner selves.

The soul within all of us, that shining light of our vital force, is perfection. When we speak to that other soul personality, do our words enhance that person’s inner light, or do they attempt to extinguish it? Do we recognize that perfection in all beings and in ourselves, or do we harbor thoughts and generate words which try an individual, thereby upsetting balance and perfect order and fostering a negative polarity?

The words we speak carry a vibration far more powerful than we realize, for they plant images in the mind: ideas or thought forms which generate action and affect growth. Since we all strive for a positive existence of inner and outer peace, words of a positive manner would most certainly generate such attributes as self-confidence, peace of mind, total harmonium and balance in all aspects of one’s being.
A positive polarity would then be established not only within others, but within ourselves and within the cosmic.