NOW the whole truth of the matter is that not only is the nerve energy in the human body electrical, but it is like unto electrical energy of the kind we know in connection with all other electrical manifestations. In other words, it is composed of a negative and positive polarity and is a result of the relationship of a negative and positive stress attempting to coordinate themselves in a proper flow through a given channel.

Therefore, the manifestation of this nerve energy is an alternating manifestation, consisting of phases of rest and action, or inactivity and activity, causing an undulating impulse of such rapid beat or at such a rapid rate as to seem to be a continuous and uninterrupted flow.

I have said that science acknowledges this electrical nature of the nerve energy, and yet I must say that such acknowledgment is of only recent date, and was thoroughly presented only a few years ago in some very complete text books on physiology, written by such eminent authorities as to remove all question of the correctness of the statements.

Until this fact of the electrical nature of nerve energy was established, no one knew scientifically what it was; and scientists and physicians especially did not know and did not seem to care, since they were concerned mostly with the flow of the nerve energy and its manifestations.

The relationship of this nerve energy to thinking is interesting. We know that the brain is the control board of the human nervous system, and it is, therefore, the control board of the electrical system of the human body.

 All impulses that move along the nerves of the human body do so electrically, as though moving along electric wires. When we put our fingers upon some things, the contact with matter having a different polarity or potentiality than that of the human nervous system. The result is that that contact or impulse is transmitted electrically along the nervous system to the human brain, and there it is transmitted or translated into an impression, and we have a consciousness of what we have touched.

It is like the dial system on the telephones; by moving the dial and allowing it to swing backward to position, we cause a wheel to rotate that gives off a certain number of electrical impulses as it returns to its rest position. These impulses, from one to nine in number, are carried along an electrical wire to the control board of dial system, which is like the control board of the human brain, where they register themselves by making the same number of impulses as they had at the dial. The impulses are transmuted into action, which sets other electrical devices into action, and thus the circuit is completed.

In the human nervous system a similar operation takes place. A certain number of vibrations travelling along the nervous system to the brain and registering themselves there create impressions or thought forms which are realized by the consciousness.