These vibrations radiate like the vibrations from antenna of a transmitting broadcasting station. They will go into space and impinge themselves upon the receptive nerve centers of other human beings who may or may not be conscious of the reception.

But just as a receiving station or a receiving set must attune itself by proper balance and by the proper harmony of its capacity and induction, so that the slightest change of polarity coming upon it will be quite manifest, so must the human-consciousness and nerve system become attuned to the incoming vibrations of thoughts.

That is why there are so many experiments in the work of the school teachings intended to aid us in balancing, toning, and tuning our nervous system and especially the psychic part of the nervous system which has to deal with the higher rates of vibrations like those sent off by thought forms.

This brings me to the concluding and important point regarding thought form. During the process of translating the low vibrations of the nerve energy of the nervous system in the human body to thought forms which will be recognized by the human consciousness, the vibrations of these nerve impulses must be increased or stepped up to the higher rates so that they will be within the scale of vibrations of human consciousness. The human consciousness is a part of the soul energy, and the vibratory rate of this energy is so much higher than the vibrations of the nerve energy that the two sets of vibrations are in entirely different periods of the scale of vibrations.
The soul consciousness vibrates in the highest octaves of the scale, while the electrical nerve impulses of the nerve system are in one of the lower octaves of the scale. The human nervous system is designed to recognize and sense all the impulses of the lower octaves, but it is the nerves of the sympathetic nervous system that are sensitive to the vibrations of the higher octaves.

That is why thought waves make very little impression upon our nervous system, if at all. But it also the reason why we must develop the sympathetic or psychic nervous system to a keen perception of the vibrations which it has not learned to notice, or which it misunderstands if it receives them at all.
Therefore, psychic development in one sense means the development of the sympathetic nervous system to such high attunement that it becomes more and more sensitive to all higher rates of vibrations from within and from without the human body. As soon as this development is underway, we become more and more sensitive to external impressions of all kinds, we become like a very fine radio receiving  set that is susceptible to close and sharp tuning, covering a wide scale of frequency.

If we stop to realize that human mind is always, even from childhood, a potential radiating station of thoughts and thought forms, we will be more careful of what we think and what forms of thoughts we allow to develop on our consciousness so that we may always transmit, as we will always want to receive, only the best, the kindest, and most loving thoughts