In contrast to this condition, a person who regularly practices relaxation, meditation and psychic energization exercises tends to respond differently. Such an individual appears to react more quickly to a stressful condition than does an average person, but he just as quickly relaxes. Thus, during the course of the day, such an individual can handle more stress than the average person, and without adversely influencing his health. In other words, he has more resiliency.
             Resiliency to life’s many challenges is of obvious benefit. After all, we need the tension and release of stress for growing and for creating new realities. In other words, we need stress in order to be creative! Therefore, we need to develop our ability to be resilient.

            During the course of metaphysical healing, additional indicators of autonomic function, such as skin temperature, can inform us of healing progress. The body has a narrow temperature range in which it normally functions. The setting of this range is controlled much as a thermostat controls the temperature within a building. During relaxation or other activities there is a normal level of reactivity to the body’s thermostat, which is located in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus, a centrally located brain structure associated with the pituitary, acts as the head of both branches of the ANS. The reactivity to the body thermostat-setting is similar to steering a car on the highway. We may desire to drive straight down one lane of the highway, but as the car swings slightly to one side, we adjust by steering a little to the other side. If we overcompensate to the right or left, we must steer again –a little to the left or right and so forth.

            The body’s temperature control mechanisms work in the same way by compensating a little, up and down, to keep us on the body thermostat-setting.

            Learning to live with stress not only helps us to become more resilient in our bodily reactions; it also provides that extra creative energy which is essential for feelings of well-being and a sense of peace profound.