The dog might be man’s best friend, but the world’s favorite animal is tiger, after a series of documentaries, each featuring one of ten animals, a poll of over 52,000 people from 73 countries put the tiger ahead of dog by just 17 votes. In third place is was the dolphin, followed by the horse, the lion, the snake, the elephant, the chimpanzee, the orangutan, and the whale. Animal behavior Dr. Candy d’Sa explained that humans can relate to the tiger, as it is fierce and commanding on the outside, but noble and discerning on the inside. In contrast, the dog is a loyal and respectful creature and brings out the lighter, more communicative side of human nature.
      Conservationists welcomed the tiger’s victory. If people are voting for tigers as their favorite animal, it means they recognize their importance, and hopefully the need to ensure their survival. It is estimated that only 5,000 tigers remain in the wild.