The following are some warning signs;
(a)    He often makes demeaning remarks about you, your family, or your friends, either when you are alone or when you are with others
(b)   He usually ignores your wishes or feelings
(c)    He tries to control every aspect of your life, insisting on knowing your whereabouts at all times and making all decisions for you
(d)   He yell at you, pushes or shoves you, or threatens you
(e)   He tries to talk  you into making inappropriate expressions of affection
(f)     You can hardly do anything without worrying whether it might in some way irritate him
    Experience shows that left unchecked, abusive treatment will only escalate. Your well-being could be seriously endangered!
    Of course, it would be best not to get involved with someone lacking self-control. So if someone you do not know well wants to date you, it is a good idea to find out something about him. Why not suggest that you first associate with each other in a group setting? This can allow you to get to know him without getting romantically involved too quickly. Ask meaningful questions, such as: Who are his friends? What type of music, films, computer games, and sports does he like? Does his conversation indicate an interest in spiritual things? Talk to people who know him, such as his congregation or community elders.