At least 2.7 million Americans carry the hepatitis C virus, making it the most common blood-borne infection in the United States, says one research report. Hepatitis C is spread from person to person primarily by means of sexual contact or through infested blood. Those most at risk of contracting the disease are intravenous drug users who share needles.
        People who engage in unprotected sex, in this category the youth is the most at risk. Because the youth are found to be complacent of the consequence of unprotected sex. They tend to think they are young and free from any infection. Lack of enough knowledge about sex among the youth also contributes the high incident of hepatitis C   and they become careless. The importance of quality condoms cannot be overemphasizing.
        The infection can also spread, however, by tattooists and acupuncturists who do not properly clean their equipment.
        People who have received blood transfusions are also at risk.
       Every year, about 1000 people in the United States receive liver transplants as a result of liver failure caused by the virus.