The world today is faced with the overwhelming problem of the MATERIALISTIC LIFE. So many people are concerned that their lives have no purpose or direction in them. Scientific discoveries over the past few years have done little to ease the burden of millions whose lives are far from what they should be. The cause of the suffering and pain pervading human life today is its total absorption in the material way of life. The soul of man is pushed into the background as if it did not exist.
      This absorption with life as it is today has brought nothing but despair and disappointment. Those who have pursued the material way of life to its highest point have found it empty and wanting. They have come to realize that life has a deeper meaning, and the spirits and hearts of men have cried out for a release from the burden which they have placed upon themselves.
  What the world needs now is a new way of life which will lead to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of all life is and can be. The spiritual nature of man must be released from within and allowed a free and natural expression of its being.
   Life today with the advent of scientific discovery could prove to be a blessing to all human beings, but science has so often been turned to the destruction of life and to the profit of the few. If science was used to uplift and better the lives of the people, life would be a utopian state. However, the burden of life which millions have to bear is one of absence of the deeper and real meaning of what life really is.