In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in the perplexed, mixed vibrations of our tumultuous times. Inner peace is often interrupted, and emotional balance can become difficult to find. All of us, at one time or another have been annoyed by external conditions and may have spoken harshly or angrily to another person.

In most situations, this is a reaction of the moment, since those angry words were issued spontaneously without thought, and are not necessarily so much a reflection upon the subject of their delivery as they are upon the speaker’s conflict within his own inner self in attempting to maintain peace and harmony.
But what of those words which are premeditated and consciously issued? Are they carefully thought out in consideration of the other person’s feelings? Are they enlightening and sharing, or ignorant and self-serving? Do they create harmony or discord? Are they words of true understanding or are they the product of gossip and criticism?
Gossip, even the “harmless” and “well-intentioned” kind, generally results from ignorance of truth in any given situation, and is usually fed by unwarranted and overt curiosity. It is built upon false judgment, the interjection of petty jealousies and suppositions, and rarely, if ever, results in the creation of a positive polarity.
As the atoms in the air collide and accelerate vibration in a sound wave, so do the words of gossip, which expand out of proportion and proceed, then, to what end? Privacy is invaded, confidence is shaken, trust is betrayed, friendships are broken –while original words and thoughts are turned around and misinterpreted.
When the subjects of gossip hear the words spoken about them –and they always do, for as a sound wave echoes or bounces back, so do the words of gossip –feelings of self-degradation, anger, and distrust develop, while confusion and disharmony reign supreme. If the words we speak perpetrate such effects, are we truly worthy masters of enlightenment?

                                                        NEGATIVE CRITICISM

Words of criticism, by the same token, produce similar negative effects, but in a more direct and complex manner. Critical words, especially when they are consciously rendered in a harsh manner, and directed at an individual or group of individuals, are not only the product of ignorance and false judgment, but are usually more indicative of the speaker’s view of his own inner self rather than of his audience.
Critical words are often dual in nature, reflecting self-righteousness or self-contempt. They serve not only to create disharmony in others, but in one’s own self as well. Constructive criticism will sometimes result in positive action, but when it is not asked for, it causes some degree of inner turmoil.
And what causes a person to be critical of others? Very possibly words of a critical nature which were once directed to, and had an adverse effect upon, the speaker; words which may once have been repeated or perhaps were cruelly implanted within the speaker’s own mind, heart, and soul…a cycle of words which perpetuate negative thought and action.
If we are to create a positive polarity, we might question our own inner selves in considering the words we speak to others. When a soul-searching individual comes to us for advice, or when we are soul-searching and ask advice of others, are the words which are spoken helpful and uplifting, or selflessly caring and understanding? Do we keep confidential an individual’s inner struggles, or do we break that person’s trust by repeating his problems to others for self-aggrandizement?
The soul within all of us, that shining light of our vital force, is perfection. When we speak to that other soul personality, do our words enhance that person’s inner light, or do they attempt to extinguish it? Do we recognize that perfection in all beings and in ourselves, or do we harbor thoughts and generate words which try an individual, thereby upsetting balance and perfect order and fostering a negative polarity?

The words we speak carry a vibration far more powerful than we realize, for they plant images in the mind: ideas or thought forms which generate action and affect growth. Since we all strive for a positive existence of inner and outer peace, words of a positive manner would most certainly generate such attributes as self-confidence, peace of mind, total harmonium and balance in all aspects of one’s being.