The fear of poverty is a state of mind, nothing else! But it is sufficient to destroy ones chances of achievement in any undertaking.

                                                                 [1] INDIFFERENCE

Commonly expressed through lack of ambition, willingness to tolerate poverty, acceptance of whatever compensation life may offer without protest, mental and physical laziness, lack of initiative, imagination, enthusiasm and selfcontrol.

                                                                [2] INDECISION

The habit of permitting others to do ones thinking. Staying on the fence.

                                                              [3] DOUBT

Generally expressed through alibis and excuses designed to cover up, explain away, or apologize for ones failures, sometimes expressed in the form of envy of those who are successful, or by criticizing them.

                                                            [4] WORRY

Usually expressed by finding fault with others, a tendency to spend beyond ones income, neglect of personal appearance, scowling and frowning, interperance in the use of alcoholic drink, sometimes through the use of narcotics, nervousness, lack of poise and self consciousness.

                                                        [5] OVERCAUTION

The habit of looking for the negative side of every circumstance, thinking and talking  of possible failure instead of concentrating upon the means of succeeding. Knowing all the roads to disaster, but never searching for the plans to avoid failure. Waiting for ‘THE RIGHT TIME’ to begin putting ideas and plans into action, until the waiting becomes a permanent habit.

Remembering those who have failed, and forgetting those who have succeeeded. Seeing the hole in the doughnut, but overlooking the doughnut. Pessimism, leading to indigestion, poor elimination, autointoxication, bad breath and bad disposition.

                                                      [6] PROCRASTINATION

The habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should have been done last year. Spending enough time in creating alibis and excuses to have done the job. This symptom is closely related to over=caution, doubt and worry.

Refusal to accept responsibilty when it can be avoided. Willingness to compromise rather than put up a stiff fight. Compromising with difficulties instead of harnessing and using them as stepping stones to advancement. Bargaining with life for a penny, instead of demanding prosperity, opulence, riches, contentment and happiness.

Planning what to do if and when overtaken by failure, instead of burning all bridges and making retreat impossible. Weakness of, and often total lack of self confidence, definiteness of purpose, selfcontrol, initiative, enthusiasm, ambition, thrift and sound reasoning ability.

Expecting poverty instead of demanding riches. Association with those who accept poverty instead of seeking the company of those who demand and receive riches.