People in the Asia burn the midnight oil, sleeping later than most Americans and Europeans and waking up earlier, a global survey on sleep habits  has found that more than 14,000 people in 28 countries were asked when they get up. In Portugal, 3 out of 4 people go to bed after midnight.

Asians are the earliest out of bed, led by Indonesia, where 91 percent said they are out of bed by 7am. The Japanese sleep the least. Over 40 percent get six hours of sleep or less each night. At the other end of the list are the Australians. Not only do they have the highest number of those who go to bed before 10:00 p.m. but almost a third of the respondents there said that, on average, they get more than nine hours of sleep each night.

          It may be said that science is not attempting to discover the meaning or purpose of life, and this is true. However, science today has such a strong hold over the minds of many that, unless science takes a serious interest in this subject, the followers of science will likewise dismiss it as being of no consequence.

Science, which can be so valuable and influential, should open the door and encourage every individual to seek the real self within, the discovery of which would set men and women free of their addiction to the materialistic way of life. This attitude improves your sleeping habits.

         Life, which can be so beautiful, is often a burden difficult to bear because our thoughts are turning on a spiral of self-interest. We think of our own needs, our own feelings, and our own desires. Such thoughts bring little, if any, comfort.

Yet when we turn our thoughts  within, and express our love to the god of our hearts and our love for family and friends, we will find that suddenly our thoughts are uplifted and a new awareness has begun to awaken in our heart and mind. We will no longer be so concerned about our own desires and our problems; rather we will find satisfaction in sending and thinking good thoughts about others