Many mysteries abound in Africa; many of them are unexplainable even with science advancement and technological greatness. Mysteries like ghost attack, reincarnation, witchcraft, nightmares, e.t.c. have been explained in many ways but the truth is that not one of the explanations is right. One of the amazing mystery is an unbelievable landscape in Namib Desert, what made it more amazing is the fact that is it physical that is you can see it, touch it, and feel it.
       In an area of about 2,000-kilometer swath along the western edge of the Namib Desert in southwestern Africa, patches of barren, sandy soil three meters in diameter dot the landscape. Each patch is girded with a ring of tall grass. To some visitors the rings look like terrestrial chicken pox or splash marks made by giant raindrops. Local tradition has it that these circles possess magical powers. Some tribes believe that each circle surrounds the grave of a bushman who died in one of the many conflicts between Bushmen and colonialists over the centuries. The local assertion is more generally accepted within the local areas and not accepted in science circle.
     Scientists too have long sought to explain the rings. In 1978, assuming that over time the circles would shift position; researchers marked the centers of some with metal stakes. Twenty-two years later, the circles had not moved. There have been abundant theories on the origin of the circles, including termite activity, poisoning from toxic indigenous plants, contamination from radioactive minerals and even ostrich dust baths. These theories were tested one after the other and they were all disproved one after the other in an overwhelming way.
    Perhaps significantly, the researchers did find that grass withered when planted in soil taken from the grassy rings, confirming that there is a difference between the soils in the two areas. Although initial soil testing failed to provide any explanation, Van Rooyen hopes that analysis using a mass spectrometer will turn up further information. She wonders if there are toxic elements in the soil of the circles. But even if we find them, how they came to be there is the next problem. For now, then, the circles remain one of the earth’s many fascinating mysteries.
    Science and technology have limits and constrains especially on spiritual or mystical issues and events. It is wise to combine science and religion in every issue to get the best out of the situatio