During a metaphysical diagnosis or aura reading, the subject’s compensatory temperature fluctuations can become quite exaggerating. Such fluctuations are especially pronounced during the diagnosis of a particular psychic center in which energy seems to be overly concentrated. In figure2b we see such an exaggerated reactivity during a diagnosis involving the third psychic center. During such periods, the subject –and even the one diagnosing –may notice an uneasiness which results in a tendency to shift about in their chairs. Often both simultaneously get the feeling that the experiment is too long and “just when will the whole thing be over, anyway.”

            In contrast, during metaphysical healing sessions as depicted in figure 2c, subjects may show much less variation than during the control sessions represented in figure 2b. Returning again to our metaphor, the subject may feel like his body has suddenly become like an excellent sports car that hugs the road as it rounds corners. The subject experiencing little need for “compensatory steering.” During this period subjects feel relaxed and content, and following the session, they often report the feeling of being part of a great cosmic whole.

       The electromagnetic field produced by the body can also show changes during metaphysical healing. Apparently these biopotentials are intimately associated with the regenerative, growth, and healing process. A remarkable example of the regenerative process of healing occurs among certain hospital patients who have had broken bones that would not heal –sometimes for years. These patients have had complete healing occur in six weeks following the application of a weak direct current on either side of the break in the bone. In placing the electrodes, the negative pole must be placed toward the extremity of the bone, and the positive pole toward the central of the body. If these poles are reversed, calcium is given off from the bones, preventing the healing of the bones. This pole placement requirement reflects the natural polarity of the body’s electro magmatic field.

     Dr. R. O Becker of Syracuse University noticed that certain amphibians, like the salamander, develop particular electro magmatic patterns in regenerating limbs. Similar do not develop in closely related animals, like the frog, which lack the capacity for spontaneous limb regeneration. When these patterns are artificially induced in the frog, limb regeneration occurs. Dr. Becker has even observed partial regeneration in mammals such as the rat.

     Learning to live with stress not only helps us to become more resilient in our bodily reactions, it also provides that extra creative energy which is essential for feeling of well-being.