A lot is said about power of thought and the radiations of mental energy that the student is often misled in understanding just how these radiations manifest themselves. All nerve energy is electrical, this fact immediately opens the door-way to a vast field of research and incidentally to a larger field of speculation. Nerve energy is electrical, and with this fact as a premise or starting point begin to speculate wildly and illogical, and therefore come to all sorts of erroneous conclusions. If the nerve energy in the human body was directed and concentrated to a point in the fingers then in addition to merely producing a physiological effect within the fingers, a secondary effect in the nature of radiations of that energy would result, and this secondary effect would tend to radiate or move outward from the point or place of the original impulse, this impulse could be detected by sensitive persons or perhaps sensitive instruments.
      A scientist called Mesmer carried out the experiment, which took the form of such test of these radiations as were soothing and quieting to the nervous system of other persons, and caused them to go to sleep or to go into a quiet, peace, relaxed condition. Such conditions as this not only quiet the nerves and causes a sleepiness, but tend to cure nervous troubles and establish a condition of harmonium in the body where disease and pain are lessened. That is the reason why so-called magnetic healers have been able to produce such wonderful effects by the use of their hands, and this explains why many are to do such wonderful healing by the laying on of hands. Mesmer was wrongfully judged and people erroneously believe that if the “magnetic fluid” which emanated from the end of the fingers of Mesmer could produce light sleep or a condition, that a little more of such fluid or a continuation of such treatments might cause them to go into a very deep or endless sleep. So they term this condition as Mesmerism, they later likened it unto hypnotism, whereas in fact there was no relationship to hypnotic sleep.
      The body’s electrical energy  is compose of a negative and positive polarity and as a result of the relationship of a negative and positive stress attempting to coordinate themselves in a proper flow through a given medium or channel. Therefore, the manifestation of this nerve energy is an alternating manifestation, consisting of phases of rest and action, or inactivity and activity, causing an undulating impulse of such a rapid rate as to seem to be continuing and uninterrupted flow.
       The relationship of this nerve energy to thinking is interesting. We know that the brain is the control board of the human nervous system, and it is therefore, the control board of the electrical system of the human body. All impulses that move along the nerves of the human body do so electrically, as though moving along electric wires. When we put our fingers upon some things, the contact with a different substances causes them to receive an electrical or reflex contact with matter having a different polarity or potentiality than that of the human nervous system. The result is that that contact or impulse is transmitted electrically along the nervous system to the human brain, and there it is transmuted or translated into an impression or thought forms, and we have a consciousness of what we have touched.   

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